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Top Three Superfoods For Cancer – Eat These Every Day

You do not need to be diagnosed with cancer before you add superfoods to your diet. Cancer prevention and even as an aid with treatment is just one of the many benefits of plant superfoods. If you’ve read or heard about phytonutrients, these are the essential substances contained in superfoods. Phytochemicals or phytonutrients are simply the powerful nutrients found in many plants. When you start studying superfoods, you find that there are many different ones and that they often taste great.

There are enough different kinds of superfoods that you don’t have to worry that you’ll have to eat the same foods every day. Cabbage, which can be consumed in many forms (such as cole slaw) has some powerful anti-cancer properties.

Many people don’t realize that cabbage is very high in Vitamin C, and it’s also a very good source of fiber. Your body needs a certain amount of fiber, and vegetables are one of the best sources of this. Fiber has the ability to detoxify your intestines, which is extremely important for maintaining good health. Prebiotics play an important role in nutrition and health, so you should find out a little bit about them. Some bacteria in your body are beneficial, and such bacteria in your gut consume these prebiotic compounds.

Kumquats are a very good fruit you eat, yet if you look for an advertisement featuring them, you probably won’t see one at all. The rind can be also eaten or ingested, just like a kiwi, because of the special nature of this fruit. Most fruits that have a peel, or rind, should not be eaten with the fruit. This is significant because the rind of kumquat contains liminoids. Cancer that is spreading can actually be prevented by liminoids according to in vitro research today. In vitro simply means in lab conditions, and this is where the information as come from. In regard to this research happening in the lab, it is great news by anyone’s standards. Although there are liminoids in the kumquats, there are so many other benefits to eating them as well.

No discussion about anti-cancer superfoods would be complete without mention of omega-3 fatty acids and the sources of them. There are too many superfoods in this category to mention, so we’ll just talk about flaxseeds. Some people that have breast cancer and that have tumors have shown great results using omega-3 EFAs, creating an actual reduction in tumor size. That’s a pretty powerful capability, and there are heart-healthy benefits from EFAs. Purchasing flaxseed, however, is not something that you ought to do. Levels of omega-3 acids in flaxseed can actually change, and potentially diminish, if they are not run properly, or stored in the right way. Researchers probably your best friend in regard to funding flaxseed that will be exactly what you’re looking for. According to modern research, cancer, and your diet, are intimately related. It is in your best interest to not ignore, or leave out of your diet, potent antioxidant superfoods. In the fight against cancer, superfoods have been shown to be very beneficial, even according to medical researchers, to fight cancer effectively. By eating healthy superfoods in your diet every day, they can help you deal with other medical conditions that you may also be facing. It is important to have variety, especially with your daily meals, and superfoods can certainly provide this.